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Synthetic Grass to the Rescue…

Are you frustrated by lawn problems? Does your grass refuse to grow despite spending hundreds or thousands of dollars? Have you tried everything to get grass to grow in shaded areas or where a pet has destroyed the yard? Quit throwing money down the drain on sodding your yard over and over again. A new synthetic grass lawn can cost you less than re-sodding your natural lawn three times! And, with the savings you get from less water, less mowing and less lawn maintenance, you will save even more money in the years following your installation. With our natural looking artificial turf, you can enjoy a lawn that is beautiful year-in and year-out for less than what you pay now.

Benefits of Synthetic Grass

  • Saving water
  • Desiring a gorgeous, green lawn without the hassle!
  • Dog runs and pet areas;
  • Playgrounds and high-traffic spots;
  • Problem lawn areas where grass won’t grow;
  • Specialty lawn design such as around paved walkways where mowing can be difficult

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Need help estimating your new synthetic turf project? check out our complimentary synthetic grass estimating guide.

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