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Where do Landscapers Buy Artificial Grass?

Professionals Choice Artificial Grass

We have had many people ask where do landscapers get artificial grass and installation products? Well I am here to answer that question for you.  Synthetic Turf Depot has great prices on all REAL looking turf as well as all the products you are going to need to complete the job.

Landscapers choose Synthetic Turf Depot because of our selection, quality and price.  We have dedicated sales people to help you with accurately measuring your project, selecting the best grass for the project, and helping you get everything you will need for your project. All at the best prices around!

We are a one stop shop located in Dallas off of I35 and Royal! We have a showroom where you can stop by and check out all the grasses as well as products. If you find exactly what you are looking for you can take it home today! Or get some samples to see what will work the best for you! Either way we are happy to help.

Open to Landscapers as well as DIY homeowners!

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What the Professionals Choose

What the Professionals Choose

Best Prices For Artificial Grass

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