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Synthetic Grass Installation Process

Condensed Installation Process

  1. First remove the existing surface of area you want to lay the synthetic turf.
  2. Using a landscape rake, smooth out area and set grade.
  3. Cap or adjust any sprinklers in the area.
  4. Lay a 2oz fabric in area, cut to fit.
  5. Next, bring in your basework, smooth out and compact.
  6. Now install the synthetic turf, cut to fit around flower beds, trees, etc.
  7. Secure all seams and perimeter with mechanical fasteners.
  8. Using a spreader, spread 2 pounds per square foot of infill on top of the turf.
  9. You then “broom” in the infill to allow it to drop to the base of the blades.
  10. Use a leaf blower to clean away any debris

You now have a beautiful, year around usable outdoor space!

Have more questions about synthetic turf installation? Download our Installation Manual.

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