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Don’t Miss our Sale!

Fall CLEARANCE Sale! October 3rd and 4th


Two days of amazing artificial grass deals and steals at our location in Dallas, TX!

2218 Crown Road Dallas, TX 75229 


Or you can check out our website at


Fake Grass Remnant SaleLeftover Turf – End of Roll – Off the Roll – Unused Turf

Get incredible discounts Choose your size. A wide variety of shapes on premium synthetic turf. Perfect for the do-it-yourselfer! and sizes will be on hand.

Get Synthetic Turf Depot at Wholesale Pricing for 2 days only!

For two days only STdepot will sell our superior line of synthetic grass for as low as $1.50 per sqft. (On remnant pieces only)

  • – Price Busting Bonus! $10 off installation supplies for every $100 spent on turf with this ad

  • – All installation materials in-stock

  • – Exclusive event prices. All sales in person, no pre-sales.

  • – FREE onsite installation instruction  

You can’t afford to miss these incredible discounts on new, leftover, end of roll and unused turf. A wide variety of shapes and sizes will be on hand, perfect for do-it-yourselfers, landscapers, independent contractors and more!

The Turf comes in all sizes.   If you are looking for a certain size of turf to fit a specific project you might need  to buy a piece larger than you are expecting to make it fit to the size you need.  We do not cut remnants, the size that you choose is the size you pay for.  We have hundreds of sizes and styles of grass to choose from to meet all of your project needs.  We also have experienced installers on hand to answer any questions that you may have about installing synthetic grass.  We do offer install classes for FREE, so if you are interested please call 866-655-3040 to get on the list for our next class!

– See more at: STdepot Sale.

Sale on Fake Grass!Clearance Sale Grass

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